Where are you based?

We are based in Europe and all the orders ship from our Central European offices.

How long it will take my order to be shipped and arrive?

We process all the orders from Monday to Friday until 3PM CET. For customers in Europe the order can arrive in 7-10 days. United States orders can take up to 20 days. Please always check the tracking and order details in the Track Your Order page. For any issue related to your order you can also contact us and we can help you track your item.

How do I know if my order is shipped?

You can always check the Track Your Order page or contact us directly and we will answer your tracking questions.

How Long my UpBreezy last?

It depends on the mode you choose to use: -Super Mode Running Cycle: UpBreezy machine works for 1 hour totally. The first and the last minute goes on a continuous ozone emission. The remaining 58 minutes are for working mode: works for 10 seconds than pauses for 10 seconds (this is the super mode running cycle) -Normal Mode Running Cycle: UpBreezy works for 5 days, continuously releases ozone for 1 minute every 2 hours. It will automatically shut down after 5 days.

How much my UpBreezy weigh?

UpBreezy weighs 400g/1 lb you so you can easily travel with it

How long the warranty last?

We offer the standard two years warranty from the purchase date.



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